Multibeam is the leader in CEBL (Complementary
E-Beam Lithography). Our groundbreaking e-beam technology is capable of patterning critical layers in cost-effective ways and extending 193nm ArF Optical lithography at advanced technology nodes. Our multi-column architecture scales for high throughput and works for all wafer sizes including 450mm. Our CEBL solution is compatible with existing infrastructure.
  MicroProbe develops, manufactures and supports innovative
probe card technologies that play a key role in the
development of today's advanced products.
Sub-One Technology develops and markets equipment that coats the interior surface of large structures and small complex components.   Xradia designs and manufactures a suite of ultra high
resolution 3D x-ray  imaging systems for non-destructive
imaging of embedded internal structures.
Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania, Solid State Equipment LLC DBA SSEC, is a manufacturer of single wafer wet processing equipment for the semiconductor industry.   Lam Research is a leading supplier of wafer fabrication
equipment and services to the world’s semiconductor
Link Technologies (acquired by Wyse Technology)
Caliper Technologies (merged with Zymark to form Caliper Life Sciences)
FabCentric (acquired by HPL/Synopsis)
ITex (IPO)
CardioNow (acquired by Heartlab)
NuTool (acquired by ASMI)